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A guide to internet monitoring and media relations follow-up for your music The day has come- your track or album is out, and you’re mobilizing to make it known to as many people as possible. In this very intense period, it’s important to understand that the work of promoting a track or a project in its entirety doesn’t stop at sending it to journalists or the media. Indeed, whether or not you use the Groover platform to send your tracks, it is essential to work on recontacting medias and monitoring the internet in order to maximize your feedback and above all, not to miss the potential coverage. You may have noticed this recently, but sometimes a journalist or media outlet will offer to share your track, whether it’s in an article, a Spotify playlist or on their social networks. The days and weeks go by and you don’t hear from them and their promise… So you start to think that it’s never going to happen. However, maybe your track is already online on that blog you’ve been coveting without you even knowing it! To keep on top of things, there are some good practices to adopt..
Why and how to get constructive musical feedback? We’re not going to lie to ourselves- most artists misunderstand how to get musical feedback for their careers. Either they take the “we’ll see” approach, hoping that if they play their music in enough places, someone will give feedback (preferably positive feedback). Or they spam their tracks to music influencers, media and labels, and then wonder why they don’t get any response. In short, we can do better! That’s why in this article, I’m going to give you 5 practical tips to get more or less constructive feedback about your music. But before that, why is getting feedback so important?.
Single release day: a step-by-step guide by David Abakan Once you have completed your first promotion phase and the teasing period, the big day arrives. This is a crucial and decisive moment that should not be missed. This is what a typical single release day looks like for David Abakan! 🖊 This article was translated from an article in French by David Abakan, whose blog Spread The Word is highly recommended. Thanks, David, for your insights!.
Check out more tips on the Groover Blog
Check out more tips on the Groover Blog