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Need opening, escape, enrichment, a cocktail of fresh culture, new ideas, meetings, outputs and information. But you do not know where to find it on the internet, Inthemood is here to refresh you. Inthemood is a TV channel and a website that informs you about everything you will not find elsewhere, the latest cultural news of the moment and more. You can find a selection: From independent musical artists Articles and interesting ideas From independent writers and writers Cultural events   Inthemood is dedicated to finding you the cream of the crop of the very best in the cultural field, presenting you with talents who need a spotlight and your support to exist and continue to to make you dream. You will be able to discover underground music and interviews about the artists. Ideas, gifts, decoration, fashion items for your daily needs always in a new selection of finds and small nuggets. A hand-picked selection of writers and authors in the field of comics and novels. And finally for your outings, a spotlight on new artists rising theater and comedy as well as new exhibitions and interesting future concerts. In order to be completely free we offer: - A dedicated and anonymous messenger, free to you to put a pseudo or not! you can enter the general chat or simply decide to communicate with a mooders in the place. icons, much more fun than those of Facebook to give your opinion without putting a comment. - A system of Up & Down enhancement - The easy and fast sharing of articles and even the possibility to write them yourself, on a theme that you like. So do not wait any longer connect on and enjoy the exclusive originality
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