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Borderless influencer content sharing media around House Music, electronic music all their subgenres! - Youtube Channel: more than 42,000 subscribers - Soundcloud: more than 20,000 subscribers Also sharing content on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok Sharing between 1 and 3 titles/lives per day - A community sharing group on Facebook /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// In a world where beats and melodies transcend boundaries, Novaj TV stands as a gateway to an ever-evolving electronic musical realm. Through a bold symbiosis of social media such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram and TikTok, Novaj TV guides us on an endless sonic journey, while creating a community of electronic music enthusiasts. On our YouTube channel, the captivating sounds of emerging DJs and producers find their home. We transport you to previews, captivating mixes, captivating live sessions from the artists who are shaping the electronic musical landscape. Each video is an immersion in a unique sound universe. SoundCloud is our playground for publishing rare gems from the electronic scene. We share carefully crafted playlists, bringing together innovative tracks that move souls and bodies. This is where independent artists find a platform to exhibit their creative genius. On Instagram and Tik Tok, it's a visual explosion of colors, festivals and memorable moments. Our community comes together to celebrate the visual creativity that comes with electronic music. From snapshots of tranced crowds to beat-inspired digital artwork, each post unites us in our shared love of this unique culture. Novaj TV is much more than just a music platform. It is a vibrant community, a movement that transcends geographic and linguistic boundaries. This is where Electronic and House Music lovers find a home, where music becomes a shared experience. Join us on this sonic and visual journey. Follow, dance, discover. With Novaj TV, electronic waves connect us, inspire us, and unite us in a common passion for music that beats to the rhythm of our hearts.
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Genres accepted most often

House music
Deep house
Experimental electronic
Dance music
They want to receive...
  • Genres
    Acid house
    Dance music
    Deep house
    French house
    House music
    Indie Dance
    Progressive / Melodic House & Techno
    Tech House
They are also open to receiving...
  • Genres
    Bass music
    Drum and Bass
    Future house
They don't want to receive...
  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Asian music
    Bossa nova
    Brazilian music
    Brazilian Funk
    Brazilian Sertanejo
    Caribbean music
    Christian music
    Classical music
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
    Death / Thrash
    Electronic rock
    Experimental rock
    Film music
    Garage rock
    Hard rock
    Holiday music
    Indie India
    Indie rock
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Neo / Modern Classical
    New wave
    Oriental music
    Pop Punk
    Post punk
    Post rock
    Progressive rock
    Psychedelic rock
    Punk Rock
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
    Solo Piano
    Surf rock
    Traditional music
    Chanson Française/Variété
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- Premiere/upload of tracks on Youtube and Soundcloud on Novaj channel 新し - Mix/poadcast post on Soundcloud on Novaj 新し channel - Live session post filmed on Youtube on Novaj 新し channel - Release possible on Novaj 新し Records - Live or Promotional video post on Instagram and Tik Tok on Novaj___TV
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  • Lyrics in any language
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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