Get in touch with the best music influencers, they give you feedback!
Create meaningful connections
You dream of a review in that blog you love? You’d like to get in touch with your favorite record label? Emails don’t work anymore, use Groover instead.
Efficient and affordable
Send a tune to the influencers of your choice for 2 Grooviz (€2) by influencer. Simple and fast.
They listen to your tune
You’re ensured that media and labels will REALLY listen to your tunes. You get their feedbacks, or you get your Grooviz back!
The music influencers (blogs, labels, radios, channels, playlists...) available on Groover

1. Choose the influencers who will listen to your tune

Each influencer costs you 2 Grooviz (€2)

2. Get written feedbacks

No feedbacks? You get your Grooviz back!

3. Someone likes your tune?

Get review proposals, playlist adds... and exposure!

Music Influencers, transform the way you discover music

Discover new gems easily

You receive tunes that match your tastes and write what you think about it directly on Groover.


Get paid to listen to music

You are paid each time you listen to a tune and write a feedback, whatever your decision is.

Clear your inbox

Tired of this tsunami of emails you get in your inbox everyday... With Groover, that’s over!

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