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HearOne is an artist discovery, development, management and label services platform based in Dublin, Ireland. We currently have three artists on our roster; VJ Jaxson, Brenna Carroll and Lisa Gorry. We are always looking for new Irish and international talent in hopes of expanding their career in music! Our New Music Friday IRE playlist is updated every Friday with 10 brand new songs from Irish artists. All previous songs are removed every week, ensuring for the week that your track features on our playlist you will get into the ears of as many listeners as possible. Nobody likes a 13 hour long playlist where your music is just going to get lost. Our playlist is short and bite-sized, and aims at promoting music from all persons regardless of race, gender, religion, or any any other minority an individual might belong to. We are here to empower Irish musicians however we can!
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We have a significant following across our social media platforms as well as lots of contacts within the Irish music industry. As well as featuring your music on our 'New Music Friday IRE' Spotify playlist, we can also help you grow your brand, focus your artistry and broaden your professional network. We at HearOne are passionate about helping strengthen independent Irish artists in hopes of having them reach their full potential.
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