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Independent music label, mainly focused on tropical music. We collaborated with artists who have already proven themselves, such as La Synesia, T-Matt, T-Jy, Rolian, Swe, Ti Pay, Jona, Maiko, Doc J, Kenny T, Naelle. All these collaborations allowed us to be seen and diffused on the market of the whole world and mainly in DOM-ROM, France, Canada, Haiti and Africa. Aware of the influence of the media, we strive to promote singles via renowned media. Currently, our YouTube channel is close to 6 million views and 12,000 subscribers. Maylodisc Production is also a network of professionals. Indeed, we surround ourselves only with specialists in each field namely composers, videographers and sound engineers who work for artists of reference. Maylodisc Production aims to highlight Afro-Tropical music by producing a sunny and trendy music.
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