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For more than 50 years, I have been part of the music scene of Norway as a musician, producer and scholar. I enjoy playing saxophones, bagpipes, flutes, laptops, keyboards of various kinds, as well as an unknown number of other instruments. I started my working career as a television producer in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation; after that I took up an academic career, eventually as a professor of ethnomusicology, first at the University of Oslo; later at what is now called the University of Southeast Norway. During the last few years, I have worked with the Taragot label, and recorded, produced and published many of the now 30+ albums of the Taragot catalogue. In my blog, you will find articles and reflections on music (mainly folk, traditional and jazz), music theory and the music industry from the perspectives of an academic, a musician, and founder of a Norwegian record label with a catalog consisting of Scandinavian folk and traditional music, free improv and contemporary jazz. You will also find a list of most of the album releases where I have taken part in one or more role; also, a list of some of the articles - more or less academic in style - I have published during four decades.
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