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The need to give space to their music, the desire to generate opportunities for all those who dream of living off this passion: this is how Sorridi Music was born. The independent record label which emerged from the hands of the singer Jo Contie of the manager Gianna Ferrari precisely to allow the former to appear, with more decision, on the music scene, helping him in the publication and distribution of his record works, however, chooses the path of sharing, embracing, right from the start, numerous artists. Here then Sorridi Music, whose name derives from one of the most beautiful songs by Jo Conti "Smile and sing" of which he himself interprets and author, takes its first steps going over time to grow and improve. Thanks to the partnership established immediately with the first, large, partners, Sorridi Music begins to promote various services and to do it with great quality. From digital distribution and sales to online and material distribution and sale, from the creation and management of YouTube channels, with effective growth in revenues and monetization, to digital postcards, from targeted advertisements and interviews on radio and TV, to the creation of video clips: here Smile Music But woe to forget the communicative side: creation and management of social profiles, press releases, captivating graphics, initiatives in step with the times, Sorridi Music does not stop following, pampering, helping its artists, making them grow, allowing them to reach the highest earnings in the sector, making use of high-level partnerships and exploiting in the best possible way all the communication means made available by the digital age. A 360 ° service that knows how to deal fully with the publication of a master (and its cover) or that knows how to manage files by completing them with editing and mixing, all made possible by a competent, expert staff, in love with music and with a great desire to get excited again. This is why the hunt for talent is always open. Smile Music, play with us
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We distribute and promote the music of our artists for free. We monetize and maximize the popularity of our artists. We collect performance fees and our royalty payments are always on time.
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