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My name is Diana Abdou and I am the author of ROCKSTAR. The blog was born in December 2019 with the desire to have an online space to talk about the music that inspires me from a personal and unfiltered point of view. My intention is not to become a traditional media: there won't be posts with a fixed regularity, as my rhythm of life is usually quite chaotic, I like to take the time to listen to things, enjoy them and then write about them. Although we have become accustomed to weekly releases and "fast music", I think it's nice to enjoy records and songs calmly, like someone drinking a glass of red wine on a Sunday afternoon. For those of you who don't know me personally, I've been involved in music for five years: I work as A&R and Label Manager at Altafonte and I manage the promotion of some emerging projects, but I needed a place to share everything I find interesting, so I opened this blog! And why the name? The truth is that I have many musician friends who are real rockstars on stage and that attitude of eating the world seems to me to be the best. For me, a rockstar is someone who is clear about things and finds a way to express them and share them with others, a person who lives according to their own ideas regardless of what other people think. Austin Kleon, one of my favorite authors, says in one of his books that "the only way to find your voice is to use it", and I couldn't agree more with this idea. I firmly believe that when you talk about what you are passionate about, you end up finding people who connect with them, and that's the magic of the whole thing. Welcome on board!
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My passion for music and artistic development are my key strengths. Expert in digital release management for artists. More than 100 artists managed. Emerging and consolidated, regardless of the music genre. Release plan, digital distribution, pitches to platforms, promotion strategies, PR labor, marketing, and social networks. Aware of new trends to identify potential artists in Spain, I spend my days listening to music! Currently working on recorded music, but in the past, I have worked in management, booking, and ticketing. Global vision of the local music industry and artistic management. ROCKSTAR: posts on social media, playlists, articles on the blog.
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