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I'm a studio owner, producer, engineer, musician, songwriter ... and a writer/reviewer for Mix Magazine. No Grammy's yet, but a couple of regional Emmy's and have worked on over 950 recording projects since 1992, across all genres. I can honestly say that Im comfortable with all styles, whether in the studio, as a listener, or even as a musician. Please note; I do not share via Groover, advice only.
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  • Genres
    Indie folk
    Indie pop
    Indie rock
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
    Singer songwriter
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    Early project
    Unsigned artist
    Upcoming project
    Young talent
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  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Commercial / Mainstream
    Country Americana
    Dream pop
    Hard rock
    Punk Rock
    Urban pop
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  • Genres
    Classical music
    International rap
    Lofi bedroom
    Neo / Modern Classical
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    Available on Spotify
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Provide production, engineering, arrangement and songwriting advice. Please don't count on me for sharing exposure (my networks aren't all that big anyway) ... what I offer is many years of production experience, not widespread exposure.
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