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We founded NoFace Records to create the label we wish existed when we were getting into the music industry over 10 years ago. A label that educates upcoming artists about music production and the business of music. One that replies to every demo received within 2 weeks. An imprint that doesn't focus on artists' social numbers, but rather the quality of the music, giving every electronic producer & artist a fair chance of getting signed. We don't sign long term deals. Meaning that when you sign a track with us, that's it. You're not handcuffed into a deal with "options" signing your life away for years to come. We give you total freedom to continue working with NoFace or to shop your music to other labels. In fact, our Artists have been signed to fantastic labels in the electronic space including Dirty Dutch, Spinnin, Armada, Sosumi, Sirup Music, and many more. We do not view other record labels in the electronic scene as competitors, but rather partners and collaborators. We regularly connect and pass each other opportunities. In fact, we even share record label demo contacts with our community of electronic artists to give them the best possible chances of getting their music heard and signed. Thanks for making us a part of your music journey, we look forward to having you involved in this electronic music community.
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  • Genres
    Bass music
    Dance music
    Deep house
    House music
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  • Genres
    Acid house
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Chill out
    Drum and Bass
    Future house
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