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Dutch Records is an independent record label and production group committed to releasing music of the highest quality across a diverse range of genres. Founded in Portland, OR in 2017 by Scott Lublink, Dutch works directly with bands and artists to facilitate not just the worldwide distribution of their recordings, but also logistical support for touring, record production, and more. As a label, we don’t believe in constraining ourselves to an individual genre. Music is a universal language that communicates by evoking emotion more than words. If your music is moving people it should be spread! Share those crunch grooves!! Dutch Records works with bands to fine tune their craft. We help to support their development and promote their music through worldwide digital channels along with support for touring, record production and much more. We are always looking for new artist, so feel free to send us a demo or any sort of unique proposal/ project and we will get back to you. Dutch also loves to help in the planning of festivals or musical events! Please send all inquiries to below emails or give us a call.
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  • Genres
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Country Americana
    Experimental jazz
    Jazz fusion
    Indie folk
    Modern jazz
    Singer songwriter
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  • Genres
    Acid house
    African music
    Brazilian Funk
    Indie India
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  • Genre
    Death / Thrash
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  • Lyrics in any language
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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