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K-100 RADIO is a live streaming internet radio broadcast, podcast and media content platform which now includes our new website. It is a subsidiary of Chaninless Entertainment, an independent music label and multi media company established in 1999 by BLIZM. The Mission Our goal in the beginning of our quest was to provide a platform for independent artists to share music. But as the years rolled and our brand grew, essentially we realized that just wasn’t enough. There was more content to be shared, more creatives to work with and more information to pass on to our audience. We decided to expand from our infancy as a simple podcast and transform into a 24/7 broadcast, which morphed into a media platform for live event coverage, mixshows, talk segments, interviews and now the ability to work other content creators. The Broadcast We play the best new releases that you may not always hear on your FM dial on our 24/7 live broadcast. Our wide rotation and the flexibility of internet radio allows us to play more music with less commercial interruptions than traditional radio. We also highlight independent artists and their music from all over the world on our broadcast. This lets us bring our listeners some great music that slips through the cracks because of the politics & money involved with mainstream radio and the music industry. We wanted to even the playing field and give independent music artists a platform where all that matters is HOW GOOD THEIR MUSIC IS, AND HOW HARD THEY GRIND. We also conduct live interviews with artists, music industry professionals, business professionals and more. They are always interesting, informative and fun to listen to. Because of the new advances in affordable technology that internet radio presents, we have the ability to broadcast live from almost anywhere. We also have original home grown dedicated show segments and also syndicated segments we air on the broadcast. The best thing about all of this, is that it’s FREE to our listeners. There are no monthly fees like XM, you are not flooded with a ridiculous amount of commercials and censorship like FM radio. With our mobile apps and other apps like Tunein Radio, you can even listen to us on the go in your car or while you work out at the gym. Internet Radio is the new radio frontier, and K-100 Radio is a leader in the new technology. We have been nominated for and won several awards for our broadcast including the SEA Awards (Winner, Radio Station Of The Year 2016 Southern Entertainment Awards), The Diamond Awards (held by Bigga Rankin & Cool Running DJs), The SCM Awards (winner Best Internet Radio Station, 2016) The Atlanta Underground Music Awards, the SCM Awards, the Hot Block Awards, Battle Hotlanta Awards, the ATLs Hottest Awards, the North Florida Entertainment Awards and more. The Website Now we have introduced our brand new website which is why you are here. The K-100 Radio website is just an expansion of our broadcast that lets us go beyond just the music. Here we can work with our great contributing writers and podcasters to bring you a wide array of articles and content. The goal is of course to keep you locked in with fresh updates and articles daily just like we keep you locked in with fresh new music on the broadcast. So click away and read some great articles, discover some fresh music and read about the artists behind it, watch or listen to some interviews with our many guests and feel free to comment and share. Create and account and subscribe to our email for exclusive offers and updates about events, exclusive interviews, deals on merch, opportunities in the entertainment industry and much more!
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