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Gruesome Records is based in Portugal, it was founded on June 1st 2020, and is an independent Underground Metal label created by fans to fans. A DIY project with the main goal to release a variety of sub-genres within the Metal scene. Passion and dedication is what drive us so we are always looking out for new and promising music and artists, which we think fit the label's vision and spirit. Our job is to release good, quality Metal music around the world and help to put bands on the map of the worldwide Underground scene. We dedicate ourselves to this, we are serious, passionate and the most professional and serious we can be, always carrying the torch of the true Underground spirit!
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    Death / Thrash
    Metal / Heavy metal
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    Guitare électrique
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  • Genres
    Hard rock
    Melodic metal
    Progressive rock
    Punk Rock
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We can help artists to put their music out there without any costs, providing a good global promotion with the help of great PR agencies. Although we are a very small team, we currently have almost 40 releases out since 2020 and we come with a background of 30 years of experience in the Underground Metal scene (either as musicians, promoters, publishers or even in the general music industry). We release physical media ONLY (CD or tape) and the digital download/stream on our official Bandcamp store. Otherwise, all main digital distribution/sales are handled by the artists themselves, this way all the income from there goes directly to the bands. Also, we do not monetize any video on YouTube or any other platform. Currently, our release schedule is around one release each 3 months but sometimes is more than that. Everything depends on the quality and potential of each submitted music release, its soul and feeling, sound production, cover art, message and overall performance. Needless to say that we have to be very methodical when it comes to invest our work and money on a release. Not only we have a tight budget but we really need to feel that it will catch people's attention and that it will please our constant growing fan base (don't like the word "client") of metalheads. Gruesome Records mainly works with Metal genres (and sub-genres) like Death Metal, Doom, Thrash Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Crust, Grindcore, Technical Death Metal and Black Metal. Either way, if your music sounds anywhere in between these kind of tunes (and there are lots of them in there) feel free to submit your work! We are always opened to new sounds and ideas, but the easiest way to have your homework done, is always to check out our roster at our Bandcamp or YouTube official pages.
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