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• ¿Who we are? We are an independent Radio in operation since 2014, with more than 11,000 followers and with the main mission of making known and bringing electronic music in all its variants to the largest number of people internationally and supporting new artists, emerging talents, record labels and producers. Our team is formed by a group of professionals joined by the link of our passion for music including, music analysts with a long career in main Electrónic Music and Dance Radios (Máxima FM, 40 FM, Flaix, Europa FM, única FM and Loca FM), DJ's in the top positions of Mixcloud, Trance, Hardstyle, Big Room, Dubstep and Electro House Global, SAE certified producers, Graphic Designers, Managers with more than 20 years of experience in procedures, team management and service, excellent systems engineers, experts in Social Networks and of course, our "festival lovers". To increase your song’s exposure and promotion they could be also used by the DJs working with us, using our social networks links and logo and under the conditions, you agreed. If you are happy with our mission you can also enrol in our team as one of the DJs working with us https://forms.gle/N8nZztZtHSDAdWWc7 or just collaborate as a volunteer https://forms.gle/AgQh8ftiNNeqJgUL9 • Where are the earns from Groover going to? Following the above, the Groover earns are all invested to improve our Radio technical equipment and to promote the emerging artist and new talents. • How will your song be evaluated for us? We have an experienced curators’ team from a wide range of styles but to ensure the highest quality and to avoid a preference for any style or just in case of debate or doubtful decisions, we assess the songs through anonymous surveys of the selected works between all the curators. • Which are our song submissions’ preferred formats? We strongly encourage you that the submission format will be mp3 with the id3 tags including the data of the song and cover, to appropriately be uploaded into our platform. It is very time-consuming for us to include this information on your behalf due to the high number of submissions and your work could be not appropriately shared and promoted.
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Genres qu’il/elle accepte le plus

Dance music
Deep house
House music
Elle·il veut principalement recevoir...
  • Genres
    Dance music
    Deep house
    Drum and Bass
    Future house
    Hard Dance / Hardcore / Hardstyle
    House music
  • Caractéristiques
    Sons électroniques
    Morceaux finis
    Production professionnelle
    Disponible sur Spotify
    Expérience sur scène
    Potentiel international
    Présent sur les réseaux
    Artiste entouré
    Artiste indépendant
    Album à venir
    Jeunes talents
Elle·il est ouvert à recevoir également...
  • Genres
    Acid house
    Bass Music
    Chill out
    Electro swing
    Electronique expérimental
  • Caractéristique
    Tous supports
Elle·il ne veut surtout pas recevoir...
  • Genre
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
  • Caractéristique
    Mauvaise qualité sonore
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The songs will be shared on our social networks, as a Facebook post, Instagram/Facebook story and if you give us a promotional video of your song of less than 1 minute in 9:16 format we can publish it as a reel/TikTok, apart from the radio broadcast, for the best songs received will be included in a radio show, and can also be used by the DJs that are included in the radio.
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