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About Us: Return Records is an independent sound recording corporation based in Washington, DC. The label seeks to be a talent development engine for releasing and monetizing the Indie Artist by giving undiscovered talent the tools and resources necessary to best monetize their works as they grow their careers. The label distributes through The Orchard and Sony Music Entertainment, with U.S. publishing administration through Sony Music Publishing and Global publishing administration through 3Tone Music. Return Records is all about making “what has been old new again” by honing the building blocks for success in both creating hit songs and in terms of navigating the record industry. The label looks to be differentiator in the music industry by providing competitive royalty rates, enabling songwriters to retain ownership to their masters, and offering a suite of complementary services that include graphic design, digital marketing, playlist placement, blog pitching, sync licensing, tour promotion, radio placement, and more. If you’re looking for a ladder to raise your indie music career to the next level, Return Records is the place to do so! Why You Should Choose Us: -Lead by proven professionals in the Music and Entertainment industries -Provides Artist Development Strategy and Consultation -Promotional opportunities with major labels like Columbia, Epic, RCA, Artista, and Legacy -Provides publishing opportunities through Sony Music Publishing and 3Tone Publishing -Competitive Royalty Rates -Ownership of Master Recordings -Covers the cost of digital marketing, playlisting, tour promotion, and sync licensing -Subsidizes the cost of graphic design, publicity, mixing/mastering, and radio promotion What We Accept: -Single, Extended Play (EP), or Long Play (LP) Formats in digital format (e.g., .WAV, .FLAC, .MP4) with complete artwork and metadata -Demos and/or Artists that fit the “The Orchard” and “Sony Music” brand -Demos in the Rock, Pop, EDM, or R&B genres -Demos specializing in new or emerging musical genres -Unsigned and/or Independent Musicians -Demos from artists located in North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia -Demos from artists that are looking to sign a 2-3 multi-release record deal -Demos from with existing marketing and/or branding capabilities -Demos from artists that have a proven track record for sales What We Don’t Accept: -Demos that violate the streaming platforms’ style guidelines -Demos that include misleading or inaccurate information -Demos that include tracks that have been delivered to the stores more than 5 times -Demos that include tribute, karaoke, holiday, or generic-themes and names -Demos that are re-recordings of radio broadcasts and/or DJ sets -Demos that include low-budget mixing and mastering, display clear audio issues, or that have low-quality artwork -Demos that would be classified in the Rap/Hip-Hop genre Rules of Engagement: -We have a team of highly skilled and professional A&R representatives that listen to every demo submitted. If your demo is accepted, please treat our staff with respect in the chat section -Unprofessional or rude comments in the chat section will be ignored and discarded -Please give our staff 3-5 business days to respond to your inquiry. If you are having trouble getting in touch, please email our staff at -Please do not provide negative feedback or initiate a refund without first consulting our team and giving us a chance to rectify any situations -Please email for any questions or comments Get in Touch: -Visit our social media: -Submit a request: -Submit demos: -Check out our playlists: For more information, please visit our website at
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Languages Return Records Label Group wants to review tracks with lyrics in...
Return Records Label Group wants to review tracks with lyrics in...
Any language
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Return Records Label Group wants to review tracks by artists...
From any country / region
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Return Records Label Group wants to review...
Unreleased and released tracks
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Return Records Label Group wants to receive...
Alternative rock
Chill hip-hop
Dance music
Dance pop
Film music
New wave
Pop rock
Singer songwriter
Good vibes
Acoustic guitar
Live recording
Professional production
All supports
Available on Spotify
Early project
On stage experience
International potential
Strong social media presence
Unsigned artist
Upcoming project
Young talents
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Return Records Label Group is also open to receive...
Chill out
Deep house
Dream pop
Experimental jazz
French house
Indie folk
Indie pop
Lofi bedroom
Psychedelic pop
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Return Records Label Group does not want to receive...
Classical music
Return Records seeks to be “artist-forward” label that equips artists with tools they need to grow and sustain long-term success. The label invests in a variety of services to enable our musical ideas to become hit-making successes. The label is a pop-centric label focused on classic Pop, Rock, and Dance music influences and takes pride in its' A&R efforts to carefully select new talent that can reinvent popular music. The label offers two distinct business models that allow artists to either maximize individual releases or development their sound overtime, and provides a range of marketing services to help every artists’ release turn into a financial and musical success. The label works with each artist individually to design a release plan customized to their goals and expectations for their release. The label equips every artist with the right tools and resources necessary to start their careers with a strong foundation. For more information, please visit:
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