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PLEASE NOTE: I have been away because of unexpected and unavoidable health issues but am back now - apologies to anyone who submitted and didn't get a review - feel free to resubmit and i promise i will reply this time! Quickfix Recordings is an independent label based originally based in Oxford but now has a roster of global musicians. It was started with the aim of giving the flagging music industry a much - needed shot of musical excitement. 20 years down the line and too many releases to count later (including Kellindo Parker and Jennie Matthias and debuts by bands such as Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies and Smilex) Quickfix Recordings continues to push new music as an international label with a diverse roster of established and new artists and bands and curates a stage at the free Riverside Festival. The idea of Quickfix Recordings was conceived whilst living in Manchester in 1997 where we were inspired by the attitude of the local DIY Music scene there. Manchester had a lot going for it not only was it the home of the legendry Factory Records it was also home to InTheCity and the developing Beehive Mill and Northern Quarter scene. We soon set up a small online compilation tape subscription label called Glass Axe mail ordering music hand copied over old spoken word and nursery rhyme tapes featuring the best in up and coming unsigned bands from both Oxford and Manchester. In 2000 we returned to Oxford, in the time we had been away the Oxford Music scene, whilst always being sophisticated and vibrant, had exploded with the coming of Radio 1 Sound City. Great bands such as the The Rock of Travolta, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia, Eeeblee and more. Our debut release by Caliber 'Someday Now' a teen trio girl alt rock band and so Quickfix Recordings was born in January 2002 and had steady flow of releases by Smilex, Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, Verbal Kink, At Risk, Half Rabbits, Babygravy, Half Decent and even a compilation of Oxford's under 18 bands. Quickfix Recordings soon developed from being a basic record label putting out CD's by local bands, progressing to artist management, recording, gig promoting and producing radio shows - for a number of years we produced the popular local music radio show 'The Fortnightly Fix' on Oxford's Passion 107.9fm and have also had shows on student radio Oxide and OX4 Radio. Over the first decade or so, we promoted gigs at many Oxfordshire venues including The Wheatsheaf, Fat Lils, The Ex Hall, Kiss Bar, The Zodiac and The Port Mahon. Gig promotion for us started with helping book bills for the local Abingdon Skittle Alley collective back in 2002, we then helped with the One Louder nights at The Wheatsheaf when, in 2004 we took over the regular monthly slot and turned them into Quickfix Recordings nights. Over the years we have put on a whole host of bands of all styles from Oxfordshire and also further a field, including Frank Turner, Meanwhile... Back In Communist Russia, Fixers, Inkubus Sukkubus, Youthmovies, To The Bones, Nought, Sacramanga Six, Eureka Machines, Little Fish, Jonaovarc, Desert Storm, The Might Saguaro, Lapsus Linguae, Elizabeth (who became Foals) and Meet Me In St Louis. We also co promoted a string of hugely successful local music nights at The Zodiac/O2 Academy with Alan Day (TCTCBN, now Kilimanjaro). Over the next decade as the digital era moved in, we moved into areas of facilitation, be that radio plugging, management & technical services like producing, mixing , mastering and content creation for artists far and wide. With the Pandemic of 2020 giving us time to really explore the music world via social media we realised the time had come to be an indie label and community again and started signing artists from all over the world. We relaunched with releases by (Janelle Monae guitarist) Kellindo Parker and over the next year ran a singles club distributing digital downloads to a subscribers club once a month - including releases by The Subtheory w/ Sam Brox (DustJunkys), Vego Asia, Geisha Davis (Britain's Got Talent) & NZM Inc. and Critter Cabal. In the process we met many great artists and settles on a sturdy roster the next year, releasing and executing campaigns for Jennie Matthias (Bellestars), Blackout Orchestra, TVSEXDEATH, The Sexy Wild East, Daze and more while also releasing legacy material to streaming. We now have a large underground network of contacts and are starting to build a community of our own (via various platforms such as Radio shows, Festival stages and playlists) and focussing on physical release and downloads rather than streaming (because of draconian royalty rates) which exists outside the often closed door restrictions of the mainstream music scene and allows our artists to be genuinely counter culture and if they want, anti establishment with their art. We are passionate about artist rights, control, integrity and their well being.
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I can give you feedback based on 30 years of being an artist and 20 years being a live promoter, Radio Producer, DJ and of course A&R for an Indie Label. I also have experience and qualifications in management & PR plus Mental Health in Music which inform my feedback. NOTE: I can't promise you a record contract or free services.
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