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A UK based music enthusiast who likes to find new artists and share with an audience of like minded music lovers on Spotify and TikTok. My ‘Songs you should know about’ playlist is a blend of tracks that mostly lean towards a contemporary rap / soul / indie kind of sound. I’m not so much a fan of commercial rap, trap and pop for this playlist or anything with a heavily auto tuned sound. Tracks added to this playlist will also have a dedicated TikTok video post for the song. For my ’90’s to Now’ Hip Hop playlist I like tracks with a heavy influence of that classic 90’s old school boom bap high energy sound. I want to feel like the track could have been released in the 90’s. Not contemporary / gangsta / trap / grime / UK Hip Hop. My ‘All day, Everyday’ playlist is a mix of mellow jazz, chill instrumentals, world music and soft indie / soul. The general feel of this playlist is for a mellow summer day and an easy listening experience. My ‘…sounds like these’ playlist is a collection of lofi, instrumental hip hop and chill-hop tracks that have a Brazilian influence. These are mostly instrumentals with some vocal sampling and an uptempo kinda feel. ‘Afternoon Mellows’ is my Bossa Nova playlist. A mix of instrumentals and vocal based tracks, old and new but all have that classic Bossa nova feel. My ‘Summertime Special’ playlist is a blend of indie and surf rock tracks. Mostly guitar based with a chill, spaced out, mellow summer sound. Think Mac DeMarco and Khruangbin. Not heavy rock / emo / indie pop tracks.
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Indie pop
Singer songwriter
Indie rock
Indie folk
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  • Genres
    Bossa nova
    Brazilian Music
    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Jazz fusion
    Indie folk
    Indie rock
    Surf rock
  • Moods
    Good vibes
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    Available on Spotify
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  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Beats / Lo-fi
    Brazilian Funk
    Chill out
    Instrumental hip-hop
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  • Genres
    Country Americana
    Dance pop
    Death / Thrash
    Deep house
    Drum and Bass
    House music
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Pop Punk
    Post punk
    Punk Rock
    Urban pop
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Will share all approved tracks to my Spotify Playlists - 3759 following Spotify like count - ‘Songs you should know about’ - 2,400 ’Hip Hop 90’s to Now’ - 4,130 ‘Afternoon Mellows’ - 3562 ‘All day, Everyday’ - 1,201 ‘…Sounds like these’ - 1,270 ‘Summertime Special’ - 700 Tracks shared to my 'Songs you should know about' playlists will as have a dedicated video to the track my TikTok account - 185.0K following, videos can average between 1000 and 10,000 views on average. Songs will be shared within 2 weeks of review and will feature in the playlists for an average of 4 weeks. For the ‘songs you should know about’ TikTok playlist, songs will not be removed from the playlist for at least 3 months or more.
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