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BIOGRAPHY Mondo Marcio (G. Marcello, born 01/12/1986) Platinum Selling Artist Rapper, Producer Copies Sold: Over 200.000 Links: Facebook: Twitter: Web Site You Tube Awards: Platinum Record award for the album "Solo Un Uomo" /2006 Gold Record award for the album "Generazione X" /2007 MTV - Video Of The Year Award "Senza Cuore" /2012 Radio NonStop - Most Played Artist Award /2014 "3" (Mobile Phones Company) - more than 50.000 downloads of the song "Dentro Alla Scatola" Award /2006 Studio Albums: "Mondo Marcio" /2003 "Solo Un Uomo" /2006 (PLATINUM) "Generazione X" /2007 (GOLD) "Animale in Gabbia" /2010 "Cose Dell'Altro Mondo" /2012 "Nella Bocca Della Tigre" /2014 "La freschezza Del Marcio" /2016 All albums Written and Produced by Mondo Marcio Official Mixtapes: "Fuori di Qua" /2004 "Nessuna Via di Uscita Mixtape" /2006 "In Cosa Credi" /2009 "Musica Da Serial Killer" /2011 "Puoi Fare di Meglio" /2011 "Quattro Conigli Neri" /2012 "Mondoteismo" /2014 "Rap God" /2016 All official Mixtapes Written and Produced by Mondo Marcio Features: Mina (platinum selling artist, Icon) - "Nella Bocca Della Tigre", whole album /2014 J AX (platinum selling artist) - "Kilo" /2012 Caparezza (platinum selling artist) - "Ladro di Bambini" /2007 and "Conosci il tuo Nemico" /2012 Emis Killa (platinum selling artist) - Tra Le Stelle /2012 Fabri Fibra (platinum selling artist) - "Abbi Fede" /2004 Bassi Maestro - "Brucia Marcio Brucia" /2003, "I Miei Motivi" /2012 Live Shows / Tours: MTV TRL awards Piazza del Duomo, Milan : over 100.000 ppl /2006 Festivalbar Tour, over 250.000 ppl total /2006-2007 "Solo Un Uomo" tour, over 50.000 ppl total /2006-2007 MTV TRL AWARDS Piazza Del Duomo, Milan : over 100.000 ppl /2007 MTV DAY, Genova : over 60.000 ppl /2007 "Generazione X" tour, over 40.000 ppl total /2007-2008 Radio Norba Awards, Crotone : over 80.000 ppl /2007 "Animale in Gabbia" tour, over 10.000 ppl total /2010-2011 Hip Hop Tv, Assago Forum, Milan : over 15.000 ppl /2012 "Cose dell'Altro Mondo" tour, over 20.000 ppl total /2012-2013 Hip Hop Tv, Assago Forum, Milan : over 15.000 ppl /2013 Radio Italia Live, Piazza Del Duomo, Milan : over 100.000 ppl /2014 Ichnusa Festival, Oristano, Sardegna : over 75.000 ppl /2014 Radio Norba, Taranto : over 50.000 ppl /2014 Radio Company, Padova : over 100.000 ppl /2014 "La freschezza Del Marcio" tour : over 20.000 ppl total /2016
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  • Genres
    Canzone Italiana
    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Rap in English
    French rap
    Urban pop
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  • Genres
    Beats / Lo-fi
    Chill out
    Dance pop
    Dream pop
    International pop
    Lofi bedroom
    Nouvelle scene
    Chanson Française/Variété
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    Available on Spotify
    Unsigned artist
    Upcoming project
    Young talent
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  • Genres
    Classical music
    Country Americana
    Death / Thrash
    Experimental jazz
    Film music
    Jazz fusion
    Indie folk
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Modern jazz
    Neo / Modern Classical
    Singer songwriter
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