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MENACE is a record label that focuses on progressive instrumental music and production. With roots in Paris and Tokyo, and maintaining a global presence, the label has released notable works from a range of artists, including Japanese jazz pioneer and DJ Toshio Mastuura's HEX album, Underground Canopy, Enzo Carniel, Antoine Berjeaut, and Hugo LX as well as collaborations with entities such as Blue Note Japan, Universal Music Group, Alpha Pup Records, and numerous others. Mido is a versatile and passionate music professional. He's the founder of the creative company SENSE, the record label MENACE, and a key contributor to the global independent music scene. Mido began his career as an electronic music producer, collaborating with artists worldwide and performing at renowned venues. He grew up in France, spent his formative years in Japan and then eventually settled in a quiet spa town just outside of Paris. At the same time, Mido has acquired a wide range of experiences in different sectors, from haute couture to consulting for luxury brands and creative projects. In addition to his musical and entrepreneurial skills, he has contributed to design and photography for MENACE and other labels, his work being used in music covers and published in magazines. Mido is an artistic director open to all kinds of music, with limitless creative possibilities.
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