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Discover rising artists across genres at GuestHaus. We celebrate and support diverse talents, from aspiring newcomers to signed artists still early in their career. Co-founded by Dani Thomas and Grammy winner Khari "Needlz" Cain, our mission is to create connections through powerful music. Through captivating acoustic sessions shared on YouTube, we unveil the next wave of talent. Join us on this inspiring journey. GuestHaus is dedicated to showcasing talented emerging artists from around the world through intimate and soulful acoustic performances. From r&b to hip hop, indie to folk, rock to pop, our diverse lineup is sure to inspire and captivate you. So sit back, relax, and let the music take you away. Get ready to discover your new favorite artists!
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  • Genres
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Indie pop
    Pop rock
    Pop soul
    Singer songwriter
    Urban pop
  • Attributes
    Available on Spotify
    On stage experience
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  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Commercial / Mainstream
    Dream pop
    Indie rock
    International rap
    Rap in English
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  • Genres
    Acid house
    Classical music
    Death / Thrash
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Modern jazz
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We have two options for you: inclusion in our bi-weekly playlist or the opportunity to film an acoustic session.
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