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DJ Fusion of the FuseBox Radio Broadcast is a U.S. mixshow and events DJ whose main musical focus in the Black Music/Urban Music Genre (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Soul/R&B, House, Disco, Rock, Dance, World Music, etc.) on the independent & mainstream level. The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast was founded while she was an undergraduate student at the Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus in 1998 after serving as a co-host for the African New Dawn program under her mentor, Alvin Fair, and being one of the original co-founders of the Rutgers University Student Community of Hip-Hop (aka RUSCH, the first Hip-Hop student organization at Rutgers University from 2000 - 2002) that helped line up Hip-Hop oriented shows & events on and off campus . Along with co-host, fellow mix DJ and business partner Ausar Ra Black Hawk (who came on as a part of the show in 2004), the weekly radio show + podcast exists to bring the Balance Back to Black Radio with having a strong focus on bringing a diverse mix of independent and mainstream Black Music (Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Funk, House & more) from all over the world along with relevant commentary, news and guest interviews to the international listening masses. From its original roots in 1998 at Rutgers University Radio when the show was founded by DJ Fusion while she was an undergraduate student at the Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus, the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast has spread to multiple podcast distribution channels, websites, internet + FM radio stations and more as of July 2020. Listeners can subscribe FREE to receive the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast's episodes via your podcast apps, RSS feeders & programs such as Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, CastBox, Player.FM, PodBean and more! ​ Our top countries for podcast downloads from 2019 are (in order) the United States, Germany, Canada, Spain and Russia. The majority of our listeners range from 18 - 55 years old. The business FuseBox Media LLC was founded by DJ Fusion & Ausar Ra Black Hawk in the mid-2000s to expand on their multimedia extensions & business ventures (including the official FuseBox Radio Blog + Livestreaming DJ Site, The Futon Dun (a Version 2.0 of our original blog, BlackRadioIsBack.com), FuseBox Radio Photography & FuseBox Radio: DJ Services ), music production, freelance writing and more.
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    African music
    Deep house
    Experimental jazz
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    Rap in English
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    Brazilian music
    Film music
    Future house
    Psychedelic rock
    Punk Rock
    Trip hop
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