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Music journalist since 2010, based in Rio de Janeiro. I've made colaborations with Blog Cariocando, Crush em Hi-Fi and with the crowdfunding plataform Queremos!. By now, I write for Música Pavê and make monthly updates about what's new and sometimes out of the radar releases all around the world, since England's hip-hop, r&b jazz scenes to cape-verdian koladera, african experimental and eletronic and latin pop artists. Former musical searcher and producer of Prêmio da Música Brasileira, one of the most important music awards in Brazil. What drivens me is the certainty that is a lot of music around the world that I will never find out - so why not try to seek more and more? The ethnomusicology of things brings brightness to my eyes and bubbles to my head. To wonder and find out the intricacy of influences, how music got molded though times and spaces (specially spaces) really excites me - there are few things in life that get me this much: Traditional music from West Africa, the history of jazz in South Africa, afrojazz and rumba from Central America, black and indiginous music from Pacific South America My interest is mainly on artists out of USA-UK-Brazil axis. New artists from alté scene in Nigeria, jazz in Japan and West Europe, electronic experimentations exchanges between european and african artists, afrobeat in South Africa, latin influences in pop music inbetween USA and Central America, scandinavian electronic,.. there are many scenes around the globe that makes my head spins.
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  • Genres
    Musique africaine
    Musique Brésilienne
    Dream pop
    Indie rock
    Latin Pop
    Modern jazz
    Trip hop
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    Sons urbain
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  • Genres
    Electronic rock
    Lofi bedroom
    Post punk
    Post rock
    Psychedelic pop
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    Mauvaise qualité sonore
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  • Genres
    Country Americana
    Death / Thrash
    Metal / Heavy metal
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    Expérience sur scène
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I can write about what I honestly think of their songs, EPs and albums. On yet not-released material, beyond my honest opinion, I can also point possible interventions and new influences. In order to present new artists and materials to brazilian people, there are possibilites of little chats, interviews and the following publishing of these in Música Pavê or at my personal Intagram account. The pact is: honesty and respect around the material and the proffesional act from me and whoever send me new materials.
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