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Steam Music is a modern, innovative, active and creative music publishing-, promotion-, consulting-, distribution- & sync-company, established and founded in 2013 and run by experienced music business executive Andrew Campbell. Andrew’s work experience includes time in senior positions at Sony Music Germany, SPV Records, Koch International and V2 Records. He also worked as Director of Development at the Colisium International Music Convention (Russia) and founded Gordeon Music Promotion.
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  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Commercial / Mainstream
    Dance music
    Indie folk
    Indie pop
    Indie rock
    Pop rock
    Progressive rock
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  • Genres
    Dance pop
    Electronic rock
    Garage rock
    Pop international
    Latin music
    Psychedelic rock
    Urban pop
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  • Genres
    Acid house
    Classical music
    Cloud Rap / Hip Hop
    Deep house
    Drill / Jersey
    Electronique expérimental
    Jazz expérimental
    Jazz fusion
    Hard Dance / Hardcore / Hardstyle
    Hip-Hop instrumental
    Modern jazz
    Néo / Modern Classical
    Piano Solo
    Trip hop
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I am in the music business for more than 30 years and have a great knowledge about the German market, what can work in Germany, what not, how to approach the German market, what are the demands etc. and I like to share this knowledge with artists. I do consulting for many years already, speak in panels about different topics. Also I know there is a big lack of information by the artists when it comes for example to publishing or the sync world and I think, as more educated artists are, as less they get into the position that they spend money on the wrong end when the approach a new market. So basically, my goals are to help and educate artists and share knowledge with them so that they can work their way up in one of the biggest and most challenging music markets in the world. The main goal is the share knowledge as it makes life much easier for all of us if you can work with well educated people.
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