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Welcome to our dark ambient music channel, a platform dedicated to showcasing the haunting and ethereal sounds of dark ambient, synthwave-retrowave music. We pride ourselves on curating a diverse array of atmospheric compositions that transport listeners to immersive sonic landscapes. As fervent enthusiasts of mellow to mid-tempo music, we have a predilection for gloomy and soulful melodies, particularly those underscored by haunting piano and stirring strings without beats. If you're an artist crafting evocative soundscapes within the realms of dark ambient, synthwave-retrowave, we invite you to submit your tracks for consideration. Please note that we do not feature cover songs or live recordings, Additionally, we prefer submissions that are no more than two months old and recommend submitting tracks 2-3 weeks before their release date for optimal consideration but yeah feel free to share your music with us, whether it's freshly produced or has been out for a short while. At our core, we are driven by a passion for sharing exceptional music, fostering a sense of community, and supporting emerging artists. We look forward to immersing ourselves in your creations and continuing this journey together. Submit your music and join us on this sonic exploration.
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Chill out
Electronique expérimental
Beats / Lo-fi
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    Chill out
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    Mauvaise qualité sonore
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  • Ambiance
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    Morceaux finis
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    Drum and Bass
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Songs accepted will be shared on a personalized single video or in our playlist video on our YouTube channel with proper credits. we have an audience of 10K+ views per week.
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