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Welcome to our web radio offering a rich and varied musical experience, featuring the genres of reggae, dub, world music and urban. Our station is designed for fans of bewitching rhythms, captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics. Reggae: Immerse yourself in the positive vibes of reggae, an iconic musical genre that embodies the spirit of peace, love and unity. Our reggae selection takes you through the different eras of this movement, from the timeless classics of Bob Marley to the contemporary artists who perpetuate this unique musical heritage. Dub: Let yourself be carried away by the hypnotic sounds of dub, a musical style that pushes back the boundaries of sonic experimentation. Our dub sessions take you on an aural journey where deep bass, electronic effects and spatial echoes combine to create a captivating and meditative atmosphere. World music: Explore the cultural diversity of world music through our carefully chosen selections. From the intoxicating rhythms of Africa to the bewitching melodies of Latin America and the mystical sounds of Asia, our web radio takes you to the four corners of the globe to discover sounds that awaken the travelling soul. Urban: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of urban music, where hip-hop, R&B, rap and other genres merge to tell the stories of modern life. Our urban programming showcases emerging artists as well as established icons of the urban music scene, giving you a dose of energy and groove with every listen. Whether you want to chill out to the relaxing rhythms of reggae, explore new horizons with world music, get carried away by the sonic experiments of dub or immerse yourself in the urban atmosphere, our web radio is here to offer you a complete and captivating musical experience. Stay tuned and let the music guide you on an unforgettable sonic journey.
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Rap francais
Dancehall / Reggaeton
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  • Genres
    Bass Music
    Musique caribéenne
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
    Rap international
    Rap francais
    Trip hop
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  • Genres
    Musique africaine
    Bossa nova
    Electro Jazz / Nu Jazz
Elle·il ne veut surtout pas recevoir...
  • Genres
    Acid house
    Commercial / Mainstream
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