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Please read before sending otherwise if music does not fit it's just a waste of time for you and me. (Please pretty please, NO EDM NEVER EVER, no cover, no pop songs, no Britney Spears and none of this here) Lessenorg is a non profit organisation founded in France in 2020 which is dedicated to promoting, playing and producing Deep Electronic Music. The blog has been focusing on writing about Vinyl and Bandcamp releases in order to avoid the bigger platforms that have been damaging the Music Business, therefore investing its time and effort into smaller communities that make sense. You'll find there full articles about labels such as Rawax, Greyscale, Rockets Audio, Lempuyang, and Vade Mecum. We are launching also an audio Podcast to extend to busy lifestyle people who have no time to read but still are interested in getting to know more about carefully selected Artists. The first installment features one with Matt & Mark Thibideau, the second one focuses on KHMGNFF, and the third interview is scheduled to be with Five Star Hotel. Lessenorg also has a weekly radio show on Lineout Radio, regularly inviting guests such as Tim Humphrey (Re-discovery Records), Nat & Man-L (Equilibrisme), Matt & Mark Thibideau, Quarion, alongside Anthony Georges Patrice. The show is online every Thursday 6-8pm Paris time and is then shared on Soundcloud. Musical genre played in the show are Ambient, Deep House (not the one close to what is now called "melodic" but rather one closer to the Detroit, Minimal, and Dub Techno scene), Dub Techno, Minimal, Techno and sometimes Drum & Bass. We would be happy to have you over to help you with any of our assets, knowledge and advice.
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    Acid house
    Deep house
    Electronique expérimental
    Jazz expérimental
    House music
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    Beats / Lo-fi
    Trip hop
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    Chanson italienne
    Dance music
    Electro swing
    House française
    Chanson allemande
    Hard Dance / Hardcore / Hardstyle
    Musique de noël
    Nouvelle scène
    Progressive / Melodic House & Techno
    Urban pop
    Chanson Française / Variété
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Bring detailed structured feedback (as long as they don't bring up a cover of Britney Spears or Spice Girls AGAIN PLEASE NO EDM) on their music, and possibly release on my digital label. Write an article for my blog or other websites (if the artist already has a consequent amount of releases). Offer a playlist spot on my website (selections have to be made on Bandcamp) Please note the blog is mostly oriented for Abstract and Deep Electronic Music. A possible album review for other genres of Music could be possible if laying towards an abstract feeling.
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