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Curated for Apple Music and Spotify, FUTUREPOP is music to aspire to. It is reserved only for cutting-edge pop productions, who nimbly genre-blend with subversive electronic sound design, ultramodern hip-hop or pioneering, avant-garde alternative R&B. It's the future of pop, pushing the genre forward. We never playlist more than 50 tracks at a time. Take some time to please listen through the playlist carefully first, before submitting. A lot of artists genuinely love Futurepop and follow it legitimately. These are the artists who are interested in the bleeding-edge, the ones who are music addicts themselves, aspiring to create that same calibre of pop we're looking for. If you listened to the playlist but you'd honestly not be interested in following it, then from our experience, you're very likely NOT making the kind of music we want to hear. This is a good test. If what you hear on Futurepop sounds like what you aspire to, and you really want to follow the playlist, every song on it is your jam, then please submit your track to us for consideration! — SPOTIFY: bit.ly/spotifyfuturepop — APPLE MUSIC: bit.ly/futurepopofficial NOTES: 1) We apologise, we accept English language tracks only, please. 2) Please only submit us tracks that are released, with a supplied Spotify/Apple Music link.
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Four things happen when your own fans stream you via Futurepop: 1) Fans using Spotify's free-tier get to shuffle playlists containing you. Putting the playlist link in your bio works wonders. 2) It heavily influences your "Fans Also Listened To" section. When *your* fans stream this playlist while you're on it, it tells Spotify to associate your music with A-tier artists. Do everything you can to encourage your fanbase to stream Futurepop for the whole duration you're on it. It'll make a big impact. 3) Fans streaming you from FUTUREPOP will trigger your single to turn up in more people's Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Radio and Release Radar playlists. 4) Your next release becomes much more likely to be picked up by Spotify and Apple Music's Editorial Curation team for official playlisting. This is especially true if you've built the strong associations we explained in point 2) above. Do everything you can to encourage all your fans to stream Futurepop while you're on the playlist! Don't waste the opportunity. NOTES: 1) We apologise, we accept English language tracks only, please. 2) Please only submit us tracks that are released, with a supplied Spotify/Apple Music link.
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