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Destination Artists Touring Agency is a New York City based booking agency directing the live touring careers of its musicians and artists. Despite the changes in how artists deliver content to fans, DATA believes the platform of powerful live performances cannot be replaced by any other form. With our appreciation for live music, DATA works closely with every client to ensure they connect with their fans and positions them to create new ones. The agency understands the vital role agents play in securing shows for both the artist and event producer. Our bookings are successful because DATA manages the engagement from the initial offer through the performance. DATA appreciates the music and art created by its clients and respects the show promoters and producers who invest in the talent we represent. I have over 15 years of experience on the live touring side of the music business. Many of the acts I've represented throughout my career I started booking before they had ever performed a live show before. We've taken artists from 100 capacity clubs to headlining national tours and playing arenas. Our roster consists of talent that has been nominated for Grammy awards, toured the world, topped the Billboard charts, released certified gold & platinum RIAA hits, and many more notable accomplishments. Our skill for finding & developing talent early on their careers may be useful to you as you begin your growth.
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    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Cloud Rap / Hip Hop
    Commercial / Mainstream
    Dream pop
    Lofi bedroom
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    Indie rock
    Hip-Hop instrumental
    Psychedelic rock
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
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    Classical music
    Country Americana
    Death / Thrash
    Hard Techno
    House music
    Indie folk
    Néo / Modern Classical
    Piano Solo
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As an experienced booking agent, I believe I can give valuable insight to artists on how to grow their presence in the live touring space. I can share best practices to secure more performances, aligning with the right venues, and best ways to pitch to promoters. Additionally, I have lots of experience with promoting artists' shows through social media and various web platforms. I can share promo campaign strategies and ways to take full advantage of these platforms to maximize your online exposure.
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