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Audiovybez is an invite only music placement platform that connects independent artists with opportunities to get their music licensed in TV, film, games and more!
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    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Afro House / Amapiano
    Commercial / Mainstream
    Indie pop
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    Alternative rock
    Musique caribéenne
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
    Dream pop
    Jazz fusion
    Musique de noël
    Indie rock
    Latin Pop
    Modern jazz
    Urban pop
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I can offer you feedback on what works for sync and what doesn't. I personally look for music with real concepts that sound like they were made for radio but work well on TV rather than "sync songs". I want to break new music, push the boundaries and pioneer new sounds that authentically reflect the narratives and stories being told across all media. If you're specifically looking for sync representation, I would strongly suggest mentioning that in your submission. As your sync agent I actively look for opportunities and pitch your music for TV, film, games, ads & more! My job is to collaborate with music supervisors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers, content creators and TV production companies to place music in really cool projects. I'm looking to work with a select group of talent. Ideally you should control 100% of your publishing and master rights. This allows me to represent all the rights holders in a "one stop" enabling me to quickly and efficiently license your music with zero hassle. If your music is exceptional, I would suggest you apply for non-exclusive representation through Audiovybez.
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