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I've spent a huge part of my life ruining guitars, pianos and mics. I really love the scene, not only musical ones. I love live music thats roots me to the spot , tenderness, violence, audacity, hostility, subtle delicateness, groove that makes your neck hurts, technicality, claimed lyricism, DIY, ballsy things - particularly for girls. Previously in charge of the Printemps de Bourges development, I'm Team Manager at KissKissBankBank. I've organized and booked « Le Harem Musical » events, written for RockinDream Mag and I'm looking for talents for Spinnup. I play in 2 groups rock/psyché/garage/stoner. I will listen to your music and write honest feedbacks. I'm picky, but I don't hesitate to make compliments when I like something.
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    Indie rock
    Psychedelic pop
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    Live recording
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