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Groovegsus is the owner of the those labels : Klangwerk Records , Am Strand Records Groovegsus is a Belgian artist making electronic music.Producer, remixer, DJ and label owner, the multifaceted artist is passionated by electronic music. Groovegsus holds true to the belief that the power of music brings us together as one. The diversity of his tastes, and his ability to create spellbinding club experiences, promote harmony on the dance floor. Groovegsus turns up with records fluctuating between genres, not having a distinctive sound attached. That gives him the freedom to experiment,so his trademark doesn’t yet lie in specific sound, but in releasing prevailing material that is quite ear catching and tasteful. He released Track on those labels : Klangwerk Records , Ole Records, Locked Records, Kiss My Beat, Appetite Records, Baroque Records, Am Strand Records, Bonzai Progressive, Neglected Grooves, Royal House, Bit Records Mexico, Antartic Records Groovegsus is involved in those bands: Beyond Space, Soundrisers, Awake, Cymoon
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