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EXAG’ Records started as a one man independent record label in Brussels in 2015. The label sparkled from Greg Noël’s fantasy to press vinyls for cranky garage-psych-rock’n’roll bands, host them at his place – jet-lagged US musicians, drunken Scottish booted guitarists and so on, and help these smelly rats head down the roads of Europe with vans that wouldn’t break down and backline that shouldn’t burn out towards the million kinds of venues these days can produce. Pretty soon this all came true, and in the process Greg took a couple of friends in – Valerian (fellow musician from Moaning Cities & Phoenician Drive and festival organizer), and Kev (fellow rugby player and old time friend), and now EXAG’ Records stands as a more complete project: not only working as a record label, but also helping with artist development and touring logistics. Artists : Tamar Aphek, Thank, ORCHIDS, Phoenician Drive, Leopard Skull, Milk TV, WIBG, Slift, OkeyDokey, Material Girls.
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  • Genres
    Electronic rock
    Garage rock
    Indie rock
    Post punk
    Psychedelic pop
    Psychedelic rock
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
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  • Attributes
    Early project
    Unsigned artist
    Young talent
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  • Genres
    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Classical music
    Dance pop
    Death / Thrash
    Holiday music
    Instrumental hip-hop
    International rap
    K-pop / J-pop
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Rap in English
    French rap
    Urban pop
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Label, production, distribution, promotion, sync, publishing
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