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Nouteka is a multidisciplinary art collective of artists based in London. We were inspired by the magical Creole odyssey of the book Texaco; which follows a group of Afro-Caribbeans rejecting city life and designing their own way of living after slavery was abolished in the French colonised island, Martinique. We take a cross-cultural approach to content creation and we are devoted to cultivating a sense of community, unity and collaboration. Our core collection is made up of seven singers, songwriters, rappers, producers, visual artists and dancers from all across Europe, and we pool our talent together in order to independently produce our content. Our collective have created some incredible projects including dance performances, visual pieces and live music performances. We created Nouteka because we wanted to choose the road not taken. We wanted to be free to produce content independently and authentically.
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    Beats / Lo-fi
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    Modern jazz
    French rap
    Trip hop
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    Afrobeat / Afropop
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    Death / Thrash
    Dream pop
    K-pop / J-pop
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Urban pop
    Chanson Française/Variété
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