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TRAINING TUNES is a record label, multi-platform media provider and production company, creating original songs and music videos inspired by sports training and catering for people seeking motivation for working out. TRAINING TUNES POWER IN MUSIC Training Tunes is a series of original songs inspired by athletes and catering for people seeking motivation for sports training. It is no secret that music has a profound effect on athletic performance, Training Tunes is dedicated to that concept; encourage people to exercise more often, and enhance their output during workouts. Each Song will be made into a music video featuring a prominent sportsperson. Songs come from all genres, styles, and themes, but they all serve the same purpose. Artists are free to address the concept above in their own style, directly by using specific sports references, or indirectly using more general themes like surviving hardships, picking oneself up after a tragedy, overcoming a challenge, striving to provide for family etc. Athletes featured in the music videos will be filmed doing their regular workout routine and will be talking to camera about their success story and the effect music has on their training. Songs and music videos will be uploaded to various platforms, and will be available to download as singles and albums. We would like to invite you to take part in our exciting new project, so please feel free to get in touch for adding tracks to our curated training playlists.
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