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My name is Welsh Gene. I do four different radio shows per week on Scotland Rocks Radio - The Castle Rock Show, The Children of the Night Show, The Vampirate Vaults Rock Radio Show and the Breakfast Bangers Show. The Children of the Night Show also goes out on Rock Radio U.K. I write album reviews for Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine and I believe that great music should be heard. My persona is mythical as my shows come from a castle in the Welsh hillsides where they are recorded. Each of the shows are different, the Castle Rock Show is all totally new music and upcoming bands, the Vampirate Vaults Show is music that I grew up with that I think many might not have heard. The Breakfast Bangers Show is a mix of new and old music, the Children of the Night show is also a mixture of new and old but with classic album tracks that do not usually get played on mainstream radio thrown in. I have been a huge fan of this type of music all my life so have a wealth of knowledge to draw from and a huge collection of CD's where most of my older tracks come from. Again, I believe great music should be heard.
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I am lucky enough that Scotland Rocks Radio allows me the freedom to play any track I choose with no restrictions so any type of artist or genre could find a home in one of my shows.
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