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We are a digital label that started its activities in 2018. Created and managed by c.e.o Felipe Maia, The Midiout seal was born from the need to publicize and distribute the works of the Artists produced and recorded at Midiout Studio. Through the person of the phonographic, artistic and musical producer Felipe Maia, We take care and manage the phonograms with excellence and expertise of a professional who has worked in the phonographic market for over 25 years.
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Brazilian Music
Experimental jazz
Indie pop
K-pop / J-pop
Latin music
Modern jazz
Pop rock
Pop soul
Traditional music
We at the Midiout label help by offering services or partnering, ranging from base productions, arrangements, musical productions, professional music counseling, clearance of phonogram registration and phonogram distribution on major digital streaming platforms. Nós do selo Midiout ajudamos oferencendo serviços ou fazendo parceria, que vai desde produções de bases, arranjos, produções musicais,aconselhamento profissional musical, desembaraço no registro de fonogramas e distribuição de fonogramas nas principais plataformas digitais de streaming.
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