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French label specialized in "exotic" music, to use a word like exotica from the 50's. Because the music stand by MaAuLa has no border, its influences are from everywhere and nowhere. The label release both multicultural music reissues and contemporary bands feeds by music from all over the world. MaAuLa release both physical and digital albums or compilations.
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  • Genres
    African music
    Latin music
    Modern jazz
    Nouvelle scene
    Traditional music
  • Moods
  • Attribute
    Professional production
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  • Genres
    Metal / Heavy metal
  • Moods
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MaAuLa release compilations called maaula-o-rama, a panorama of bands playing music influenced by music from all over the world. We can put one of your song in one of those compilations. These are exclusively on bandcamp and name your price, so we can't pay royalties for this, but we have good press and radios often playlisted the maaula-o-rama (FIP, Nova, Campus, Krimi, Grigri and many more). And if we like a lot you music, why don't we talk about an album, EP or single ?
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