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Founded in 2004, Labile Records is an ASCAP-affiliated publisher, production company, and a music label. Labile Records releases recordings in various genres, including Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Acoustic & Singer-Songwriter. The mission of Labile Records is to actively seek out, develop, and distribute innovative new music, sounds, and visual art. We work vigorously to incorporate the personal goals, opinions, thoughts, images, and messages of our Artists into our products and marketing strategies. We promote, on a global and regional scale, the best opportunities for our recording artists. We act as a vital go-between, sharing information on changes in legal aspects of the music industry. We honor the beliefs of our recording artists, their cultures and emotions, experiences, and viewpoints that are all part of what artists present in their music. This is the ongoing priority of Labile Records. We are here to help artists.
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Film music
Experimental electronic
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  • Genres
    Film music
    Industrial music
    Melodic metal
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    Acoustic guitar
    Electronic sounds
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    Early project
    Unsigned artist
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  • Genres
    Cloud Rap / Hip Hop
    Dance music
    Experimental electronic
    Metal / Heavy metal
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  • Genres
    Country Americana
    Dance pop
    Holiday music
    K-pop / J-pop
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Labile records can help artists in a variety of ways through the services they provide, including public relations, social media, events, video development, graphic design, Spotify playlists, and worldwide distribution through The Orchard. Firstly, Labile records can assist artists with their public relations efforts. They can help with press releases, media outreach, and other promotional activities to get the artist's name out there. Secondly, Labile records can help with social media marketing. They can develop a social media strategy, create content for various platforms, and engage with fans to increase the artist's online presence. Thirdly, Labile records can organize events to showcase the artist's talent. This can include live performances, album launches, or other promotional events that help raise awareness of the artist's music. Fourthly, Labile records can develop music videos and other visual content to promote the artist's music. This can include music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and other creative content that helps to showcase the artist's personality and musical style. Fifthly, Labile records can provide graphic design services to help create visually compelling promotional materials. This can include album art, posters, and other promotional materials that help to build the artist's brand. Sixthly, Labile records can assist with getting the artist's music featured on Spotify playlists. This can help to increase the artist's exposure to new audiences and potentially lead to more streams and downloads. Lastly, Labile records can help with worldwide distribution of the artist's music through The Orchard. This can help the artist to reach new audiences in different markets around the world, potentially leading to more opportunities for growth and success. In summary, Labile records can provide a range of services that help artists to promote their music and build their careers. By leveraging their expertise in public relations, social media, events, video development, graphic design, Spotify playlists, and worldwide distribution, Labile records can help artists to achieve their goals and reach new audiences.
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