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Kool Beat is an independent record label, a music production studio but above all it is a shared space where different authors and producers alternate and interact with singers and artists for the creation of unreleased music. It is located in Lugano, in the ateliers of the Claudia Lombardi Foundation for the Theater.
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UNreleased tracks Complete realization of original musical projects. Thanks to the skills of our Authors and Producers, we create the structure of the song from scratch, the text and proceed to the final production. Our skills and the full availability of numerous artistic consultants, who constantly collaborate with Koolbeat, allow us to range in every musical genre and finalize products for every artistic context. PRODUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS Creation of ad hoc arrangements. Starting from a musical idea already outlined, we proceed to its development and enrichment in compliance with the initial concept. The artist's idea is structured and brought to a final production of excellence by faithfully following the initial requests and indications. The production is handled with the help of professional musicians and through the best digital machines for post processing. WRITING SESSION Creativity comes from interaction, exchange and contamination. This is why we love to organize collective moments in which to write new songs with the participation of artists from the most diverse fields. Singers, Authors, Writers come together in our studio to create together and to exchange emotions that can become unpublished pieces or compositions.
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