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The Instituto Memória Musical Brasileira – IMMuB [Brazilian Musical Memory Institute] is a non-profit organization based in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, which focuses on the research, preservation, and promotion of Brazilian Popular Music. Our mission is to document, categorize and disseminate Brazilian musical heritage, past and present, through maintaining and updating a virtual database. The result is one of the largest archives of Brazilian discography’s information, tunes, and images, available online for free consultations. In 2016 IMMuB completed 10 years since its foundation and, throughout this decade, managed to compile more than 81,000 records produced in the country. This amounts to approximately 800,000 phonograms, bringing together more than 90,000 composers and performers. Stemming from 25 years of research, the catalogue covers the entire history of Brazilian music, from the first recording in 1902 to the most recent releases. The collection continues to expand, receiving hundreds of albums, covers, and songs at a monthly basis. All this material is available in this website. The database is also equipped with search filters that can cross-reference all information and precisely locate the object of research: you can search by album, artist, composer, label, and/or release date. Using Google for the same research, for example, would force the user to access multiple websites before finding what they want, while our database may offer the desired results in a single click. We currently have around 30,000 LPs, 32,000 78-rpm records, 12,000 CDs, 7,000 EPs, more than 110,000 songs available for streaming (not for download) and more than 10,000 album covers, back covers and booklets for consult. In addition to the discography archive, the Institute provides another free database with 25,000 music scores from the Fire Department of the State of Rio de Janeiro's military band. Thus, it is possible to print thousands of complete arrangements, with original musical notation, encouraging the study of music, the perpetuation of these scores, education, and motivation of music bands across Brazil. IMMuB also acts as a cultural production agency. Our curriculum includes the accomplishment of several projects such as concerts, books, CDs and DVDs, in addition to large events. For example, the Salão da Leitura de Niterói [Niterói's Reading Room] in 2012, that gathered around 100 activities such as book launches, lectures, recitals, promoting reading in its widest concept; and Niterói – Encontro com América do Sul [Niterói – Meeting with South America] in 2011, a project that promoted cultural events, with representatives of virtually all South American countries. Our team has extensive experience in the execution, delivery and rendering of accounts of cultural projects approved by incentive laws in all spheres. Please meet our Projects.
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