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RAWR is the cross-cultural beast of producer and DJ Gawen Head-Allain, with compositions that fall between the cracks of genre and aesthetic in electronic music. Hard-hitting trap music that is supported by a backbone of world influenced rhythms with a cinematic flair, the musical body of RAWR has been expertly established, in equal parts strength and delicacy. Allain’s diligently devised EDM tracks, which range from dynamic, imposing trap bangers to melancholic, delicate downtempo, often uniquely blend structure and surprise. Allain’s works have since garnered commercial recognition and industry respect. In the past year alone, the RAWR singles "Fallacy" and “Kaleidoscope” were featured in national campaigns for Apple, and the HBO MAX show “The Hype” respectively. Allain’s music emanates his vast heritage and nomadic lifestyle, which intersects in the hip hop and gospel culture of Atlanta, the electronic dance scene of Paris, as well as the domains of Boston, California, and finally Brooklyn. A drummer and producer of 8 years, and a Berklee college of music alumni, RAWR’s music doesn’t bow to commonality or creed while still remaining informed by them, RAWR’s music doesn’t bow to commonality or creed while still remaining informed by them, a deft blend of ethnic and electronic. 2022 will focus on upcoming collaborations that will introduce more sonic nuances to the project as a whole. “More Than”, RAWR’s first single of 2022, was released alongside producer Mythic Creature, which takes a unique and slightly retro approach to the genres of trap, house, and ambient. Reaching influences of TV and film, trap, tech house and R&B, the year will fully realize the ambitions of RAWR, with a project that celebrates the swinging balance of natural life on Earth.
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