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Hey My name is Eoin (pronounce Owen). I am a Marketing Consultant, Music Business Lecturer in BIMM, Playlist Curator and Artist Manager based in Dublin and formerly lived in London for 8 years. I have over 10 years experience in the marketing industry working with clients such as Coke, American Express, Adobe among others. My main passion has always been music which I have worked on and off in for the last 20 years. My experience lies in events, marketing, branding, a&r, track, ep and album releases, touring, sync, social media and project management. Hit me up for any advice or my opinion on your music.
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I have a vast amount of experience in marketing with artists, large and small brands, promoters and others. Over the years I have been an Artist Manager which has allowed me to grow a large network across Ireland, UK, Europe and US. I have a strong record of connecting people and a very good judge of character and eye for talent and love to update and share the various playtlists I have curated which you can find on my Spotify. I feel passionate that I can help artists grow to the next level. Identify their talents and capitalise on them, work on the weaknesses to improve and put together a clear strategy for growth to becoming a sustainable artist that truly get to focus on their passion. I am always happy to give feedback on tracks, give advice and offer my ear to listen to question or problems you have.
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