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If approved, tracks stay on our playlist almost indefinitely generating high impact results on multiple platforms. See services section for more details. We created ELEVIN Foundation to make it easier for artists to find a sustainable path to their audience and maximize the revenue generated by their art to empower them to keep creating. Our structure allows artists to advance their career based on merit and real traction, not connections or favors. Our playlists help artists promote their music and generate streams, our videos help them be seen and our events help them engage with their audience and build strategic relationships. We do not ask artists for exclusivity, ownership or any other commitment to receive support. Artists get paid directly by their music distributor for generating streams via Spotify, YouTube and other media outlets. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all our proceeds are invested towards the advancement of artists by providing feedback, education, as well as creating and promoting playlists, videos and events that help them generate real sustainable traction and revenue. More info at: https://elevin.org
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Genres accepted most often

Progressive / Melodic House & Techno
House music
Deep house
They want to receive...
  • Genres
    House music
    Organic House / Downtempo
    Progressive / Melodic House & Techno
  • Moods
    Good vibes
  • Attributes
    Available on Spotify
    International potential
They don't want to receive...
  • Genres
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Drum and Bass
    Hard Dance / Hardcore / Hardstyle
    Trip hop
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If approved, tracks stay on our playlist almost indefinitely generating high impact results on multiple platforms. All fees are reinvested in ads to promote the playlists and get you more listeners. Expect sincere feedback, real listeners and real engagement. We only approve what we really love. Most tracks stay in our playlists for several months and sometimes for years. If approved, we will: Spotify: Like, follow and add to playlist. YouTube: Like, follow and add to playlist. SoundCloud: Like, repost, follow and add to playlist. Apple Music: Like, follow and add to playlist. Beatport: Include the track in our monthly chart. Being included in our playlists means your will automatically be considered to be included in any of our DJ sets, which sometimes are recorded and uploaded to YouTube, SoundCloud and other media outlets. Track removal policy: Our goal is to help artists generate traction. No 30 day sharing limit with us. If your track is approved, it will stay in our playlist indefinitely as long as it is still a good fit as the playlist evolves and we still love the track.
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  • Lyrics in any language
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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