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Viraltopviral is a musical project focused on creating viral content. The main goal is to interact with the most people worldwide to build a solid brand. Do not hesitate to reach out for collabs We will Help Artists to get organic exposure with the latest marketing strategies and our experience. Check our main Spotify playlists: 1) Chill Cloud: A total relax trip where different emotions get together from Happy mood , Chill, and some A minor Chord which can be considered sad but inspiring. 2) Viral Hits 2023: Top hit everything new and Commercial will be found here, Happy, Energetic and Sad /inspiring.
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Genres accepted most often

Dance music
Dance pop
Indie pop
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  • Genres
    Chill out
    Dance music
    Dance pop
    Dream pop
    Indie rock
    Latin music
    Singer songwriter
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    Acoustic guitar
    All supports
    Available on Spotify
    Early project
    Unsigned artist
    Upcoming project
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We are capable to give organic exposure to the artists featured on one of our 2 biggest playlists. We add the song for at least one month, but it can be 2/3 or more.
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  • Lyrics in any language
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks
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