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Head of Brain Productions Booking (Global Booking and MGMT Music Agency) and Before Sunrise Records (indie music label), I also write to Music Non Stop, one of the most important music outlets in Brazil ... Carlo Bruno Montalvão acts as a music manager, artistic producer, international booker, and PR, accumulating experiences, with +23 years of work inside the music industry. Held music festivals, tours in Brazil and abroad (United States, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK etc.), produced numerous events, TV Shows, and special projects. He promote/work in more than +1,2k music concerts/gigs as a music manager, executive and artistic producer, curator, booker, tour manager, organizing music festivals, music tours and cultural activities. In 2010, he idealized and founded Brain Productions Booking, a music company that works in music management, international booking and PR working throughout Brazil, South America, North America and Europe. That same year, he held his first international tour, bringing the North American artist Jonathan Richman to play in Brazil. Since then he has worked and brought several artists to perform in Brazil, such as: Mac DeMarco (CA), Real Estate (USA), Sebadoh (USA), Allah-Las (USA), Tycho (USA), Swervedriver (UK), The Helio Sequence (USA), Shabazz Palaces (USA), Acid Mothers Temple (JP), The Holydrug Couple (CL), Los Siberianos (AR), Paul Higgs (UY), Superchería (AR), Bryson Cone (US), Barry Paquim Roberge (CA), La Bronze (CA), Sturle Dagsland (NO), Les Deuxluxes (CA), etc. Participated in several festivals and cultural events in Brazil and around the world. Where we can highlight the participation of its artists in important music festivals and shows such as KEXP (in 2015), Primavera Sound (in 2016), Pop Montreal and Latin Grammys (in 2017), SXSW** (in 2017 and 2018), Treefort Music Fest (in 2017), US music Tour (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019), Tour in Morocco (in 2018), Tour in Europe (in 2016, 2019, 2022) and much more. ** In 2018, he returned to SXSW, this time to perform a panel on “How to insert artists in the main festivals in the world”, together with promoters from Canada (Pop Montreal), Colombia and the United States (Immigration Records). Also in 2018, he toured 14 shows, passing through 07 cities in Morocco, with the American band Added Color. In 2019, he toured Europe for the band The Baggios, with 23 shows in 24 days, passing through cities in Italy, France and Switzerland. Plus, he's got the 2nd nomination to the Latin Grammys with The Baggios. Remotely, transmitted virtually, in 2020 it held the Global Music Fest that brought together unprecedented performances by artists such as: Built To Spill (US), Tempers (US), Post-Modern Connection (CA), El Shirota (MX), Barbi Recanati (AR), Marineros (CL), Elephant Stone (CA), Tres Leches (US), Riel (AR), Skeleton Club (CA), We Bless This Mess (UK), Golden Dawn Arkestra (US), Mr. Deadly One Bad Man (IT), Perrosky (CL), Strange Lot (US), Terror/Cactus (US), and from Brazilians: The Baggios, Atalhos, BIKE, Jonathan Ferr and Ema Stoned. Currently, he develops the career of brilliant artists like Atalhos, The Baggios, BIKE, Ema Stoned, Cidade Dormitório... in addition to the international acts Elephant Stone (CA), Post-Modern Connection (CA), Sturle Dagsland (NO), TEKE::TEKE (CA), Jonathan Bree (NZ), Reptaliens (US), Bryson Cone (US) and Mint Field (MX). In 2021, Brain Productions Booking also opened its own music label, called Before Sunrise Records. (We're currently looking for new artists). DEVELOPED CAREERS AND ORGANIZED MUSIC TOURS FOR THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS: Vanguart (BR), Jonathan Richman (US), Mac DeMarco (CA), Allah Las (US), Sebadoh (US), Racionais MC’s (BR), Marcelo D2 (BR), Shabazz Palaces (US), Devotos (BR), The Helio Sequence (US), Acid Mothers Temple (JP), Swervedriver (UK), Patricia Polayne (BR), Visitantes (BR), Pública (BR), Lacertae (BR), Sergio Cassiano (BR), La Bronze (CA), Barry Paquin Roberge (CA), Les Deuxluxes (CA), Sulanca (SE), Detetives (BR), Zefirina Bomba (PB), Plástico Lunar (BR), The Holydrug Couple (CL), Reação (BR), Los Porongas (BR), Sonido Satanás (MX), Maria Scombona (BR), Garotas Suecas (BR), Mutandina (AR), DJ Gayance (CA), O Jardim das Horas (BR), Jorge Mautner (BR), Zé Geraldo (BR), Perrosky (CL), Pin Ups (BR), Superchería (AR), Los Alamos (AR), Glue Trip (BR), Paul Higgs (UY), Los Siberianos (AR), Lucía Tacchetti (AR) among many others.
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- Talking about the artists that I liked on my official social media channels. - Using some of the best tracks in our Playlists. - Introducing the artists (and their songs, albums, singles, etc.) in our musical column n̲̅o̲̅i̲̅s̲̅e̲̅ r̲̅a̲̅d̲̅a̲̅r̲̅! on Music Non Stop web. - Possible contract of music representation and career development in South America. - Different Possibilities of partnership including Booking in South America (for Tours and Gigs), Music Promotion in Brazil, Artistic Representation etc - We organize events, Concerts, music tours and Festivals.
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