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Groover is proud to present a contest with Gabriel Rollinos, one of the greatest video directors of independent music in the world! The chosen artist will have his/her/their work directed and edited by Rollinos! Submit your track for free on Groover for a chance to get your music video produced by Gabriel Rollinos - who has worked with big names in music around the world such as Metronomy, Toro y Moi, Boogarins, Fresno, and Sessa. Gabriel Rollinos is a visual artist, VJ, editor and film director with research in analog video and textures. Inspired by psychedelic and lo-fi aesthetics, Rollinos stands out for his personality and passion for independent music. He is also the curator of Monkeybuzz, one of the most important music websites and independent show producers in Brazil. The winning artist and Gabriel Rollinos will be in dialogue to work out the ideas for the music video together. These are some of the director's works: Metronomy - "The Light" Viratempo - PRAZER Sessa - "Grandeza” IMPORTANT: Since the video will be produced remotely, the director will give the guidelines of a simple recording of the artist's performance by the artist(s) themselves or someone else. ______________ To participate: 1. Sign up on the platform. 2. Create and complete your profile on the platform (a complete profile is very important for the curatorship). 3. Create a campaign by posting your song. 4. Select the contest "Apply to get your music video to be directed by Gabriel Rollinos" and confirm the submission!
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Sign up requirements
- Any artist/group/band that has a track produced to submit can participate. - Each artist/band can only apply once. - No songs that offend any kind of minority will be allowed. - After the winner is chosen, Groover will put the artist in contact with director Gabriel Rollinos to begin the process of the video production. - The chosen artist will be responsible for recording their performance. - The winner will be chosen jointly by Groover and Gabriel Rollinos. - The production of the video is planned for March and the delivery is planned for April.
- Applications open on January 17, 2023 at 10:00AM (CET). - Applications close February 16, 2023 at 11:59PM (CET). - Winner announcement: March 10, 2023. - Production/Editing: March 2023 - Delivery of final version: April 2023 Announcement will be made on all of Groover's Instagram accounts: @groover.en Follow us there!

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