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Alternantes FM, with its 34 years of existence, offers a means of expression to those who wish to promote their projects and actions. By perpetuating the idea of ​​an employee-volunteer association, Alternantes FM has stood out. This diversity allows it to produce and develop quality programs intended for all audiences. Pluralist, humanist and multilingual radio, it fights against all forms of exclusion, intolerance and racism. Its branch has long been open to different communities. Broadcasting by the radio editorial staff of initiatives carried by actors from the associative and militant world, highlighting of artistic and cultural creations. Alternantes FM, with its two FM frequencies (98.1 in Nantes and 91 in Campbon-Saint-Nazaire), covers the entire Loire-Atlantique department and, since June 2019, broadcasts in RNT DAB + on these same territories. It is also present on the Internet Finally, note the regular broadcasting of Radio France Internationale news flashes and the multi-broadcasting of certain programs as well as the podcasting of many programs via our website.
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