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Sober Records is an innovative and dynamic media company specializing in curating music playlists. Our passion for discovering and promoting new talent has led us to create two leading playlists: "Vintage House" and "Feel the Groove". "Vintage House" is a carefully selected collection of classic and contemporary House tracks, offering a rich and diverse sonic experience. It is dedicated to lovers of authentic, timeless House rhythms, harmoniously blending classic sounds with modern trends. "Feel the Groove" is a celebration of funk, disco and upbeat rhythms. This playlist is designed for those looking to get carried away by captivating grooves and dynamic melodies. It perfectly represents our love of rhythms that move and inspire. "Jazz but Make it House" is a harmonious and innovative fusion of jazz and house, creating a sophisticated yet energetic ambience. This playlist is ideal for jazz lovers keen to explore new sonic terrain, where jazz improvisations meet the driving rhythms of house. It embodies the spirit of Sober Records: combining tradition and modernity, for an original musical journey. Each track is carefully selected to create an experience where the complexity of jazz meets the fluidity of house, offering a listening experience that is both stimulating and relaxing. As a new medium, Sober Records is driven by a deep desire to help young artists in their development and to offer them a platform to share their music with a wider audience. We firmly believe in the power of community and the ability of music to connect people. Join us on this exciting musical adventure and discover with us the sounds of tomorrow. Whether you're an emerging artist looking to be heard, or a music lover looking for new gems, Sober Records is your destination.
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House music
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  • Genres
    Afro House / Amapiano
    Chill out
    Deep house
    Electro Jazz / Nu Jazz
    House française
    House music
    Modern jazz
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  • Genres
    Acid house
    Hard Dance / Hardcore / Hardstyle
    Rap international
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Rap en anglais
    Rap francais
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