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Hey, musos! I'm Saba. I’m a MUSIC BLOGGER based in Europe, but I focus ONLY on the AUSSIE scene. I’m here to discover new music and help EMERGING artists promote it IF AND WHEN I can. Apart from the music, I’m also interested in YOUR STORY. So bios and press releases are more than welcome. I prioritise complete pitches over song links only. Bear in mind, please, that Silly McWiggles is not a commercial site. It’s my PASSION PROJECT and SIDE HUSTLE. It’s also a ONE-WOMAN-SHOW. If that all sounds good to you, I can't wait to hear your music ;)
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Indie rock
Indie pop
Alternative rock
Indie folk
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  • Genres
    Beats / Lo-fi
    Indie folk
    Indie pop
    Indie rock
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    Morceaux finis
    Jeunes talents
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    Drum and Bass
    Musique de film
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Punk Rock
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    Sons urbain
    Artiste indépendant
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  • Genres
    Musique africaine
    Musique asiatique
    Bossa nova
    Musique Brésilienne
    Chanson italienne
    Musique Chrétienne
    Classical music
    Drill / Jersey
    Jazz expérimental
    Chanson allemande
    Musique de noël
    House music
    K-pop / J-pop
    Latin music
    Nouvelle scène
    Musique traditionnelle
    Chanson Française / Variété
  • Caractéristique
    Mauvaise qualité sonore
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For more transparency, here are a few points to clarify the "what, how, when, where and why". The Silly McWiggles project has DIFFERENT PARTS, i.e. a segment called #FoundYou on FB with short write-ups, a segment on IG stories called #lyricsoftheweek, a Silly Talks podcast, a YouTube channel or the main Silly McWiggles blog. MOST OF THE TIME, I POST on those sites ONCE A WEEK, on different days. Considering the resources I have at my disposal (aka me, myself and I), I get quite a few pitches. So I CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT I'LL SHARE YOUR MUSIC RIGHT AWAY if I commit to doing it. Sometimes, it might be a few weeks before it's published anywhere. I'll do my best to give you an approximate timeline each time I accept your pitch. Also, depending on what I find suitable for your particular pitch and to what extent I CONNECT with the music, YOUR STORY CAN APPEAR ON ANY OF THE PROJECT'S SITES, not necessarily always on the main blog. Since I want to give this opportunity to as many different artists as possible, I normally accept ONE PITCH PER ARTIST. So if I've done something with your music before, chances are I won't be doing it again in the near future. If I'm interested in your music, I'll find you, trust me ;) And just to clarify WHAT I MEAN BY THE AUSSIE MUSIC SCENE, let's play a quick game called "Is Silly McWiggles my target publication?", with a few scenarios. You're an Aussie muso living in Sydney and actively participating in the local scene (i.e. gigging, networking, your fans are there) -> I'm totally your target publication. You're a Swede living in Brisbane and actively participating in the local Aussie scene -> yep, you should also pitch me. You're a Kiwi artist living in New Zealand, but actively participating in the local Aussie scene -> also shoot me a message. You're a Brazilian muso living in the UK, but you have heaps of Aussie fans, and your music is talked about in the local Aussie scene, as well as the UK and Brazilian ones -> I might be your target publication. You're an Aussie living in the US, but your audience is mostly outside of Oz, plus you don't participate in the Aussie local scene too much -> I'm probably not your target publication. You're a Japanese singer with an audience primarily in Asia, but your producer is Aussie -> nope, I'm not who you want to contact. You're a Canadian artist living in Canada, who has nothing to do with OZ -> nope, it's not a good idea to pitch me. You're a Mexican artist living in your country, but want to break through in Oz -> soz, but no - unfortunately, I don't have the Rolling Stone reputation or reach, and it's quite unlikely I'll be able to help you. In other words, if you don't have the Aussie flag next to your artist name for a good reason, you should probably spend your money pitching somebody else :) Please keep all the above in mind before you contact me. After all, it's about having a positive experience on this platform for both of us.
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